Referencias de Familias

Some comments from our families…

We love the Bilingual Schoolhouse. My daughter’s dad is from Nicaragua and fluent in Spanish, but we haven’t spoken as much Spanish in our house because he has been trying to learn English. Aliana’s level of fluency in Spanish has improved greatly since she started going to school here. She loves it. We love her teachers. It’s a great school.

“LOVE!!!! My son adores this school and its staff. We first didn’t know how he’d do since we home school, but he did perfectly. I encourage any parent to take a chance on this wonderful school. Loving and Amazing staff and so warm and welcoming!!! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to teaching our babies!!!”

“Elizabeth LOVES going to your (pre)school. I am lucky if she acknowledges me when I leave. I am so happy she is so happy!!!”

Our instructor is absolutely wonderful. I cannot say enough great things about her! The kids all adore her and she does a great job of engaging all of them, even when they’re feeling shy or not wanting to participate. We are lucky to have her.

We are thrilled that your program is in Oklahoma City. There is a great need for early childhood language instruction, and (Bilingual Schoolhouse) is helping our family fill that need. It is thrilling to watch how quickly my son (3 years old) picks up new words. My son loves coming to class and I love to watch him learn. I know that the language foundation my son is getting through Bilingual Tots will benefit him throughout his school years and for the rest of his life.” 

“I have to tell you that this week has seemed to be the “switch” for our children. They are constantly wanting to tell me things in Spanish and initiating the conversation … I have absolutely loved the class, and now I’m convinced the kids do too! Thank you so much for making it so fun!

“I asked my 3 year old son what pig was in Spanish because I couldn’t remember, but he could!”

I have to tell you what went on today….we were driving …and were playing a game….find something that starts with a letter in the alphabet….starting with “a”…..Bella started using Spanish words!! It was so cool!! she was using the words for ears, shoulder, head, cow, horse, and all colors….amazing how they learn!!”

“I loved our teacher. My kids were not always enthusiastic about participating in class and she never made them feel bad for that. She was always encouraging and thrilled for them when they achieved success. As far as the curriculum I appreciated how they stuck to one subject and kept the list simple. A new language is not that easy for us parents, so to keep up with our kids can be difficult! Learning one area each week to two weeks was perfect. I loved the repetition of the songs as well as the schedule of the class. The kids always knew we found animals first then sang, etc… It gave the kids comfort knowing what was coming next when they might not know what the teacher was saying.”

“The teacher is fabulous. Very patient with the students. She is very energetic. My child is definitely learning Spanish words.”

“My girls loved class and enjoy speaking Spanish. They even point things out to me in Spanish. I have to ask them to say things in English so I can understand what they are saying.”

“Do to the small class size, each child received special attention. You can see Spanish language skills blossom before your eyes.”

“We did signing with our son when he was an infant and it was just amazing. He could say so much. I remember his very first sentence, at the zoo, he saw a rhino sitting in its pond and he signed: “Rhino, bath.” I am a huge advocate of this & will talk any pregnant woman’s ear off on the subject. :)”

“I would highly recommend (Bilingual Schoolhouse). My child is learning Spanish and frequently repeating what he learned in class at home. “

“The BSH has wonderful, caring teachers who allow my daughter gain valuable experiences while learning a second language. She is excited to go to school each morning.”

“I am often surprised when my 3 year old says something in Spanish outside of class. She even recognizes a Spanish accent in a non-native English speaker – “Mom, he speaks Spanish!”

“We have LOVED our 3 semesters and have LOVED your Spanish teacher. Thank you for all your hard work! We have loved our teachers and classes….the entire experience has been wonderful. Both my boys love the classes. Matthew especially loves taking Chinese and Spanish class. He tries to use the words he has learned during the day….but mostly he LOVES coming out of class and asking us if we know what cat is in Chinese or cow in Spanish. The classes are a source of pride for him. I am not as concerned with them being bilingual at this age – it is more exposure to the language that I want. And I feel that they are getting exactly that and more. So…yes, we love both classes!!!! “

“Amazing! My 3 year old knows all the words to the songs on the class CD – and I can hardly understand what they are saying (on the CD). How do kids do that?”

“I love the classes, especially their play format. My son, Alex, energetically participates with the games whereas I think he would disengage with a more formal, rote class. His teacher is wonderful–full of energy, engaging, and able to shepherd her students through a lot of material (no easy feat given that they’re 5-8-year-old boys). I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for language lessons for their children!”

“I loved our teacher. She is amazing with the kids and genuinely cares for them. I love that the class is always the same routine, it certainly helps mine know what’s coming.”